Thursday, August 26, 2010


1. What actor at one point or another played all of the following characters: Perry Mason, Philo Vance and the Lone Wolf?
2. Which Charlie Chan movie opens with the credit "Warner Oland vs. Boris Karloff in..."?
3. Chester Morris played this cinematic sleuth, a former jewel thief turned detective?
4. Character actress Mary Gordon played what role in Universal's Sherlock Holmes series?
5. What was the name of Charlie Chan's chauffeur in the Monogram Chan series?
6. What real life brothers portrayed brothers Gay and Tom Lawrence who both went under the nickname "the Falcon?"
7. At the beginning of every episode of the TV series THE SAINT, what appeared over Roger Moore's head when someone mentioned his name?
8. What cinematic sleuth made a cameo appearance in THE ALPHABET MURDERS which starred Tony Randall as Hercule Poirot?
9. Who played Nick and Nora Charles on the 1957 TV series THE THIN MAN?
10. Glenda Farrell played what touch-talking, wise-cracking reporter who often found herself involved in mysteries?

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