Sunday, June 29, 2008


Some of the more interesting reads I've stumbled across this last month, that have helped me not finish the books I've been trying to read... 
Being published in installments at Movie City News are pieces of screenwriter Larry Gross’s diary from the set of the 48 Hours. Good behind the scenes stories of director Walter Hill and stars Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, etc. A great read.

Part One: Before The Movie Shoots

Part Two: The First 120 Hrs. Of Production

Part Three: Philosophical In San Francisco

Part Four: Subway Shooting

At Film In Focus

Director Alexander Mackendrick on his brilliant Sweet Smell of Success

Two of the most unusually sexy actresses ever...

At Bright Lights Film Journal, the great and dare I say, underrated Noir star, is profiled by Dan Callahan, Fatal Instincts: The Dangerous Pout of Gloria Grahame (pictured)

And at DVD Times I came across an Interesting old interview with the star of Thriller: A Cruel Picture, Looking for Mushrooms with Christina Lindberg

Green Briar Picture Shows is loaded with epic insightful articles about old Hollywood

Check out this one, George Stevens Fights The Power

John Mcelwee writes about the directors’ fight over how his A Place In the Sun should and shouldn’t be presented on television

Liz Jones of the UK’s Daily Mail reveals... Models on the make, seedy millionaires and porn between the premieres

Cannes of worms: The ugly truth about the world's most famous film festival

Chris Evans In The Independent tells the fascinating story of...

How Sir David Lean had an epic falling out with Steven Spielberg over the filming of a Conrad novel

While Geoffrey Macnab wonders How David Lean's sex life shaped his films

In Variety  Steve Chagollan claims Warren Beatty perfected art of evasion: The maverick filmmaker worked at his own pace 

Reacting to Entertainment Weekly’s dopey cover story, on his Scanner Blog Jim Emerson asks What makes a movie a "classic"?

In Other movie list news...

The Onion’s AV Club continues to put together fun ones, I got a kick out of their

"I might have a whole new life, next time you see me": 25 worthwhile documentaries about ambitious outsiders

It’s got the usual suspects like Crumb and The Cruise, and it might be a little musician heavy. But I’m always happy to read about two my all time favs American Movie and The King Of Kong.

And I was glad the included the underrated  How To Draw A Bunny about the late pop artist (and fellow Cass Tech grad) Ray Johnson.

And finally, here’s a brilliantly written theater review at Backstage.

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