Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Next Director Shelf - VOTING EXTENDED!

As you may or may not recall from this post:

myself and sweeneyrules have been busy rearranging sections of the store, and we've found space to add some new director shelves. (why are we rearranging the store? well mostly because neither of us really have anything better to do, and its oddly therapeutic. also we like the confused look on your face when you get to where the Japanese section was yesterday, and now it's somewhere else.)

anyway, since people are always asking how we decide who gets a shelf and are generally either confused or irritated by our reasoning, we thought we'd let YOU decide this time. so we set up a neat little pole with a bunch of possible candidates. the voting was a little slow at first, but now it's starting to pick up.

good old HOWARD HAWKS is currently in the lead with 10 votes! not far behind are HAL ASHBY and MICHAEL MANN, each with 5. trailing a single vote behind are SPIKE LEE and TERRY GILLIAM each with 4. OTTO PREMINGER currently has 3 along with WILLIAM WYLER. still toward the bottom we have RIDLEY SCOTT and PETER BOGDANOVICH each with 1. and last we have poor WILLIAM FRIEDKIN with NO VOTES!

our original cutoff for the voting was today, june 1st, but as you have no doubt gathered from the title of this post, we are extending the poll. let's say, oh, another 2 weeks or so? we promise not to extend it beyond that. also by that time we'll see if we can squeeze out some extra space and we will throw up another round of directors...

so keep the votes coming,
and for *%&#sake, someone vote for FRIEDKIN!!

Which Director should have a shelf next at Rocket Video?

Hal Ashby
Peter Bogdanovich
William Friedkin
Terry Gilliam
Howard Hawks
Spike Lee
Michael Mann
Otto Preminger
Ridley Scott
William Wyler

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