Sunday, September 21, 2008


Here’s a quick pointless list...

My All Time Favorite Actresses...Who have died or are more or less retired from acting

Which will keep some definite favorites of mine of the list including MaClaine,

Adjani, Rowlands, Deneuve, Burstyn, Audran, Maggie Smith and Karen Black.

Keep in mind theirs nothing scientific about thios list, not saying their the best, just some favorites.

So what the hell, here are 20 names that came to mine.. 

1) Shelly Winters

2) Bette Davis

3) Olivia de Havilland

4) Gloria Grahame

5) Patricia Neal

6) Ingrid Bergman

7) Madeline Kahn

8) Deborah Kerr

9) Elizabeth Taylor

10) Thelma Ritter

11) Vivien Leigh

12) Joan Fontaine

13) Simone Signoret 

14) Carole Lombard

15) Brigitte Bardot

16) Jean Simmons

17) Anne Bancroft

18) Joanne Woodward

19) Janet Leigh

20) Veronica Lake

21) Margaret Dumont


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