Friday, September 5, 2008

Greatest Hits - Damn you! God damn you all to hell

It's a madhouse!
I know we don’t get a chance to post as much as we would like to (currently I’m putting together an epic list of actors directing films). And I know the blog can be sloppy and I usually go edit stuff I wrote days after posting, I need distance to see all my typos and mistakes. But i can proclaim, we’ve said a lot of stuff before most of the other mainstream media outlets. 
For instance you mighta noticed recently with the release The House Bunny, critics and writers finally took notice of the comedic talents of Anna Faris, they were falling all over themselves praising her. Well you may recall sometime ago I wrote a gooey drunken love letter to her (where I also pointed out her comic genus) entitled I Think I Like-LIKE Her.

With the new awful looking De Niro/ Pacino flick about to be released. Critics are finally starting to write pieces about their wasted talent. Just today The NY Sun’s James Snyder wrote Pacino & De Niro Circle Back To Each Other

And the great David Thomson wrote a good piece You want ham with that? in The Guardian.

Of course I’ve been making fun of those two over-emoters since we started this blog

I pointed out the limits in the roles Pacino and De Niro do in Cop Or Criminal

and with Coppola Now! I wondered... “The movies no longer feel like events and De Niro no longer seems to give a shit who he works with.  Why did he do Hide and Seek? Was he dying to work with the director of Swimfan?”

And concerning Pacino’s flick 88 Minutes I asked "How many different Producers... does it take to screw in a (lame lookin') light-bulb?

A recent festival in NY had all the NY writers reexamine the underrated career of crazy Charlton Heston.

We wrote and posted a bunch Chuck stuff with Your Name's Mud

Two movies that were only on VHS I wrote about a while ago, have recently been released on DVD and “rediscovered” (by people without VCRs)

King Of The Gypsies and Baby, It’s You

And watch come December when Frost/Nixon gets released and the awards hoopla starts, everyone will be falling all over themselves to reexamine Frank Langella’s career. Just remember, we all ready did that.  Frank Langella Starting Out The Evening 

As The Chuck told Dr Zaius "We Did It First! And we did it better!" 

Shit let me go check my DVD see if I quoted that right.


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