Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Think I Like-LIKE her

Deep Background

I’ve never been a fan of director Gregg Araki (The Living End (1992), The Doom Generation (1995), Nowhere (1997), 

Mysterious Skin (2004) etc). 

I can appreciate his independent spirit. 

I just always found his films kinda pretentious and not really as smart or dangerous or artistic as they thinks they are. And maybe the worse sin of all, I just find them usually boring.

So when his latest opus Smiley Face (2007) started getting good review on the festival circuit, I still had my doubts. A flick about the day in the life of a stoned actress and the wacky misadventures she gets herself into. Yikes, sounds lame. Then it opened in LA for a week and went straight to DVD couple months later. For whatever reason I decided to give it a looksy.

Though, there's still a little of that 'I’m clever' -pretentiousness we come to expect from the Araki-cannon and there's his usual touch of over acting background actors...  Still I must declare, I LAUGHED A LOT.... 

But the reason...for my enjoyment was this actress, this flower among the muck, this wonderful inspiring talent, I was blown away by...

Anna Faris

Anna Faris, let’s see, I remember her well as the obnoxious actress in Lost In Translation  (2003) and as the coworker in May

 (2002) and I guess I vaguely recall her being funny in what I’ve seen of the Scary Movie trilogy. And I'm gonna be re-watching them, along with all the other crappie comedies she’s been in like My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006), Just Friends (2005),

 Waiting (2005), The Hot Chick (2002). I need to see all she’s done. Everything. 

Seriously, her performance as Jane in Smiley Face is a piece of epic slapstick acting. I think she joins that French actress who played Edith Piaf & that Euro-babe from Black Book & Ashley Judd in Bug as the best actress performances I've seen from last year's flicks

She’s in almost every frame of the Smiley Face and her character is stoned-outta-her-skull the whole time. The way she uses her body and her face is some of the funniest acting I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not always easy for funny actresses to get a chance to really let go and put all vanity aside. This is a brave performance. She is a very cute. Adorable. She has a budding career going . But she shows no ego in this work. It’s an exhausting performance, you can see Jane’s brain trying to unscramble from the fog she’s stuck in and it can be painful to watch. 

And she keeps it up and never let's go. If I may get personal... I bet Anna (may I call you Anna? Can I call you Annie?), I bet my little Annie was so beat after each day of shooting when she got home. Man, in the evenings, her needing to forget the stressful day, that awful director barking orders at everyone, I woulda rubbed her feet and ran lines with her, ordered us a little dinner from her favorite West Hollywood eatery. Oh my, what is this feeling I have rushing through my blood? I think, I think I like - LIKE her.

If I may give myself a plug. Boy, if me and her made a movie together. We could have a funny-face off.  We would be electric together. With her talent and my sexual charisma there would be no stopping us.

And I bet- off-camera... I bet we could really hit it off... Controversial on the set, us always sneaking off to my trailer to bang.  Holding hands all the time.  Laughing.  My little Annie.  But then when the shoot is done, what'll become of us? I’d have to dump you, because I... It’s not you Annie, you’re great, you’re gonna find happiness. I don't wanna hold you back. You see,  it’s me. Baby, my sweet little monkey-face Annie,  I... I can’t feel love. I did once upon a yesteryear- Oh Annie, baby  forget me. You got a big career ahead of you and I’m gonna be rooting for you...

I'll always like LIKE you lots.

Take care kiddo,



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