Friday, January 11, 2008


If I may add a personal thought to this forum...

I noticed on CNN this morning in a report on the canceled Golden Globe circus, they snidely said something like “you can thank the Writers Guild for this” 

and they interviewed one of the few non-nominee’s who give a shit....

Typical easy journalism.  Labor is blamed. 

Why not present it as  "you can thank The AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) for the lose of the Globes"? 

It makes more sense to me, since they (the AMPTP) have appeared to want this strike, since they've made no real attempts to negotiate in good faith. 

Oh well no Globes. Just wait tell the Rocket Awards.

Nikkie Finke whose blog has come of age during the strike, had a good take on all the spin in this weeks LA Weekly.

I’ll only yap about only one flick today, because I have to emotionally-rest-up for the big Roast tonight of a Rocket employe starring Dino Miller & His Celebrity Friends (you can come, it’s at Rocket-After-Dark Tonight (Fri 01/10/08) 11:00 PM. BYOB. And bring some to share).

On the subject of labor...

Check out Ken Loach’s American flick Bread and Roses (2000).  

It's based on the actual Janitorial strikes that went down here in LA in the late 90s. Pilar Padilla wonderfully plays a young Mexican immigrant, urged on by labor union organizer, Adrien Brody, to take a stand. It’s a terrific, moving flick. 


And now continuing to get political, my friends, let me address a non-movie subject.

Really. This is about America’s international relations.

Have you read about this? 

Recently divorced French President Nicolas Sarkozy is getting serious with his girlfriend, model Carla Bruni

Many of us who follow the growth of the European Union and the international monetary unit and terrorist activity abroad and the state of... 


Here’s a picture of her!

(the fabric on her bottoms has a weird shape. I've inspected the pic up close. It's all good)

Speaking of pasty old dudes

Cute Bolshevik Elf-man Dennis Kucinich dropped out of the presidential race, taking his darling redheaded young British wife Elizabeth with him.

Thus leaving only Jeri Kehn Thompson, the sixth wife of Kentucky-fried grump

 Freddy T, as the hottest potential first lady. Though dickhead looks to be drooping out soon. 

Though for my money, I like the young versions of two candidate's wives. Even though the guys have an eerie resemblance to the grown up Damian in The Omen 3: The Final Conflict (in both style and substance). 

There's down-home phony John Edward's super cool cancer stricken wife Elizabeth was looking very pretty on the day she lost her innocence.

But, the best looking 'potential first lady' since Gladys Dewey has got to be... 

Ann wife of silver spoon fed robot geek Mitt Romney. And I don’t mean now, I mean back in the 60’s when the Romney family was still in the process of buying her for their beloved son.

That's enough politics, this week. I don't wanna endorse a candidate or anything or jump on a soapbox. I'll just say this, my friends... I'm excited to not be voting for a whitey this year.


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