Thursday, January 3, 2008

WHAT’S READIN’? 01.03 Just Lost

The new Raiders Of The Lost Ark which has been given the unfortunate title of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is on  cover of the February issue of  Vanity Fair

The big article about the making of it by Jim Windolf is available on line here.

Also Vanity Fair has posted a couple of on-line exclusives, extensive print interviews with the director Steven Spielberg and another with his robot buddy, producer George Lucas

Apparently making it and keeping everyone happy was a real struggle for the billionaire boys club. You may recall some controversy last year when the Stephen King toady/Frank Capra protégée Frank Darabont was complaining about his writing credits on it.                                       


Vanity Fair has also posted a link to Windolf’s great 2004 piece about the kids who spent 7 years shooting a scene for scene remake of it.  Now officially known as Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Adaptation

The homemade “film” started getting a cult following when an old VHS was found and has been screened around the country.

Bit-torrent bootlegs are floating around the web (not to be confused with some other crappy kid version called “the remake” that’s on youtube) 

Here’s a piece WIRED magazine did on it last year, a Village Voice piece and a filmed pice the BBC dig on it

 I’m hoping to check out a DVD at some point, in the meantime here’s a preview

Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Adaptation


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