Thursday, January 17, 2008

There Will Be DUMB

If this doesn't get some feedback, I don't know what will...

About 80% of Rocket Video's customers are great, fantastic and nice. About 10% are troublemakers always with a bad attitude, always causing trouble, always coming in ready to make a scene. And then there's the last 10% who are just plain...dumb. Here's a list of the some of the dumb things we see and hear everyday. (If you find you are guilty of some of these then take to heart...we DO make fun of you after you leave!--but thanks for giving us something to talk about...)

Returning a DVD without the DVD inside...
...then trying to get out of any late fees by saying "I meant well" or "I returned the CASE on time"
Leaving DVDs on top of the counter instead of returning them in the drop slot...
...and always asking "Do I return them here?" while looking at the sign and arrows that point to the slot.
Holding up a copy of a tape or DVD and asking if it is that title...
...just yesterday some guy held up a copy of the DVD of WINDY CITY HEAT and asked me if it was WINDY CITY HEAT.
Listening all the way through the answering machine message on the phone then asking "Hello?...Hello?....Hello?"...
...maybe they just need someone to talk to.
Complaining that they could not get a DVD to work when in reality they did not how to use the DVD menu...
...what do I need a menu for, I'm not in a restaurant?
Thinking that a DVD or VHS is as old as the movie that's on it...
...that's right, I had a lady who thought that the VHS was as old as the silent movie that was on the tape! Those Lumieres really were ahead of their time!
Asking for a refund on a film because they didn't like it...
...sorry, we don't refund for your bad taste.
Telling us to take a movie off the shelf because they felt it was a poor movie...
...funny, I don't remember voting for you for official censor.
Not taking the .4567 seconds to snap the DVD into the case so it doesn't slide around and get scratched up...
...these are the same jokers who complain about how many of our DVDs are damaged.
Returning rentals from Blockbuster to our store (or vice versa)...
...nuff said.
Paying a late fee of $7 and saying "I could have bought it for that!"...
...where do you buy your DVDs, fantasyland?
People who drop their rentals in the night drop during the day...when we're open...when there's no basket there...
...they can't possibly be open at 4 in the afternoon!
Members who come in on a Wednesday and ask if they can still get 2 for 1 because they couldn't make it on Tuesday...
...sing along with Cher: "If I could turn back time..."
Customers who give us 10 different phone numbers THEN tell us that they never rented here before...
...let me just tap into that universal omniscient phone book.
The guy who asks what section THE EXORCIST is in. I say, "Comedy" He says, "No, it's not, it's in horror" to which I say, "Then why did you ask me?"... attention to MEEEEEEEE!

That's enough for now, I had more but they're getting petty. Maybe you have some good stories or instances of DUMB at your job. I'd love to here'em!
(Yes, I spelled "hear" wrong on purpose!!!)

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