Saturday, February 16, 2008

Joe's Top 5's - Cary Grant

#1. To Catch a Thief – The only thing Cary Grant needs to make a movie is a beautiful woman. There has never been a more beautiful woman than Grace Kelly. End of Sentence. The two prettiest people in history brought together by the greatest director. Hitchcock helms this fun journey over the rooftops of the French Riveria. Hitch uses the first helicopter shot in film for a car chase! Cary proves he is the greatest when he turns down Grace Kelly… more than once! There may never be a better reason to emulate this superman.

#2. Bringing Up Baby – The first thing to love about Cary Grant is comedy. He is never funnier than when he runs from Katherine Hepburn, or her leopard. Except when he chases her, or her leopard. The scene in the restaurant puts cherry the top of this screwball comedy, or at least the olive in its martini…

#3. Father Goose – One of his last movies, the studios finally allowed him to play against type. And it pays off. His drunken back and forth with Trevor Howard over the radio is only matched by his slap swap with Leslie Caron. The only performance that beats his in this movie is the snake’s…

#4. Suspicion – How can Cary Grant possibly make Joan Fontaine afraid to kiss him? Just watch. Although the original ending may have made this film perfect, it’s pretty close as it is.

#5. The Philadelphia Story – Okay, so Jimmy Stewart got an Oscar for his performance in this, and Katharine Hepburn has two other guys between her and Cary, but after watching the opening scene, is there any doubt as to how cool he has to be to get the girl in the end. The Webster’s definition of smooth has a picture of C. K. Dexter Haven.

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