Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Joe's Top 5's - Movies You Will Only Watch Because They Are on This List!

#1. The Ruling ClassPeter O’Toole sings and dances as Jesus… and Jack the Ripper! This musical makes Rocky Horror Picture Show look like a Disney film. Find out why we fled British rule. Probably the anti-Lawrence of Arabia.

#2. Ciao! Manhattan – Before there was Factory Girl, there was Ciao! Manhattan! Edie Sedgwick plays herself in this manic montage of heroin induced insanity. Try to keep up. Not even the actor’s have any idea what this movie is about, but it’s a fun ride.

#3. La bete humaine (The Human Beast)Jean Gabin learned how to drive a train and Jean Renoir almost killed his son making this movie! Simone Simon will make you want to jump on the screen and kill her husband for her! A love triangle between a man, a woman, and a train!

#4. Eternal ReturnJean Cocteau has several beautiful movies in his canon, but this plot is as beautiful as they get. Jean Marais will prove himself as one of the greatest leading men in romantic drama history. The best Tristan and Isolde version ever made.

#5. Andrei Rublev – If you’re going to watch a three hour Russian film, make it one by Andrei Tarkovsky. And if you have to watch Tarkovsky, watch this. And then go track down this guy’s paintings. They might actually make you buy into the whole Christianity thing. Some greater inspiration certainly guided his hand.

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sweeneyrules said...

You are like some kinda POET the way you string word together all fancy.

But have you ever really sat through Andrei Rublev?

In an older post do I recall correctly, did you list Father Goose in Cary Grant's top five?

What, are you on the dope?