Saturday, April 5, 2008


I just felt like throwing a little recommendation list up.

Over the years I’ve pushed The Day of the Jackal on to folks and it never disappoints. 

And then they say "gimmie more stuff like that”. 

But I can never come up with anything as good. 

I usually suggest the go read “Dogs Of War” or... I don’t know, Eye Of The Needle (1981) or I tell em, no one else digs it but I like Hitchcock’s Topaz (1966) or I say ‘just go watch anything by Melville”.


Unrelated, here are some cool tough flicks, if you haven’t seen you should.

And you know, there are so many cool flicks I could name I could go on all day, and if I had flicks in front of me and wasn't so half-assed I would, I mean I'm not even including so many standards like Once Upon A Time In the West Or Battle Royle or The Warriors or Mad Max or Hard Boiled

All I can say is  RENT THESE Flicks:

 Out of the Past  (Tourneur 1947)

 The Killing (Kubrick 1956) 

 Point Blank (Boorman 1967)

 Dark Of The Sun (Cardiff 1968)

 La Cercle Rouge (Melville 1970) 

 The Day of the Jackal  (Zinnemann 1973)

 Marathon Man (Schlesinger 1974) 

 Black Sunday (Frankenheimer 1977)

 Sorcerer  (Fried kin 1977)

 The Stunt Man (Rush 1980)

 Prince Of The City (Lumet 1981)

 The Road Warrior (Miller 1982)

 Runaway Train (Konchalovsky 1985)

 One False Move (Franklin 1991)

 City Of God   (Meirelles 2003)

 Narc (Carnahan 2002)

 Apocalypto (Gibson 2006)


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