Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hey, keep your eyes peeled, there's a great little documentary running on VH1 called The Night James Brown Saved Boston

It’s an incredible story. After the assignation of MLK and the urban rebellions in Detroit and Watts, the nervous white mayor of Boston was uptight about black people coming to the Garden for a James Brown concert, they might ruin our 'honky paradise'. So they talked Brown into letting Boston televise the concert hoping the black concert-goers would stay home and watch it on TV.

It's a blast. Seek it out.

UPDATEI was going to say... It’s only about an hour long, they could of added another forty minutes (more concert footage) and it could be a theatrical release.

But I just found that a 74 minute version will be released on DVD in August.

It seems that VH1 and MTV have joined Bravo and other cable outlets as 24-hour reality-bullshit but these VH1 ‘RockDocs’ are really good. This comes on the heels of last years terrific The Coolest Year in Hell and The Amazing Journey Of The Who (now on DVD). I gotta keep on the look out for more.

As long as we’re on the subject of Docs On TV....

Last weeks Frontline on PBS, Bad Voodoo's War was about as powerful a soldiers-eye look at the Iraq war as I’ve seen.

I caught some of Nature the other night, it was all about What Female (animals) Want from males (animals), in order to mate with them. It was excellent. I gotta see it from the start, cause I wanna go out, maybe to a bar one night and apply some of the things I learned.

There was this awesome thing on The History Channel called Life After People (2008), though on my TIVO it’s listed as Last Days On Earth (2006). Whatever it is, it’s a really cool look at what will slowly happen to the earth and animals and buildings and whatnot, if man just vanished from the planet.

Which I’m expecting to happen any day now. 

All Highly recommended.


Saw Helen Mirren pitching her biography on Charlie Rose. She is still about the sexiest seventy-year old, ever. Though Charlie always kisses-ass, here he seems to be passive-aggressively hitting on her. First fawning over her tattoo and then by drooling over the pictures in her book. And by the end of the chat he just starts blurting out random woo. 

Fascinating to see his moves, he needs to watch that Nature: What Females Want, to get his game up to snuff. 

If you ever wanna see his worst performance of all-time, see his clueless, ill prepared interview with The Beastie Boys, he makes Larry King look like Edward R Murrow.


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