Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Found On The Web, Reads

Here’s a couple of the articles that I’ve come across on the net the last couple of months that I remembered to make a note of.

Good profiles of actors...

- Dan Callahan in Bright Lights George Sanders A Mitigated Cad

- The Daily Mail had a great piece on How Sean Connery seduced a movie legend and faced the wrath of the Mafia

-  Tony Curtis on his fling with Marilyn Monroe 

In the Guardian: 

- Jason Solomons helps Danny Boyal recall the talented cast of Trainspotting

- Kira Cochrane reflects on Teeth and cinema's avenging angels

- Dennis Cozzalio prepares for a screening of 1941 and I Wanna Hold Your Hand 

- And then he follows it up

- An oral history of The Rise and Fall of Chappelle’s Show

- Barbara Kopple's  favorite Docs

- Scott Marks reports on a supposed uncut print of A Night At The Opera found in Hungarian Film Archives

- I’ve only seen two of them but it’s a cute little list at IFC

 Counting Down Ten Sadly Underseen Films


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