Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEW RELEASES - NOVEMBER 4 2008 - A good week to read a book

Get Smart


Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio

Flashbacks of a Fool

Comic Books Unbound

When Did you Last See Your Father

Man from Colorado/ Man from Laramie/ Man in the Saddle

Against All Odds/ Jagged Edge/ Starman

Awakenings/ Fisher King/ The Survivors

Popeye the Sailor 1941-1943

A Christmas Story (2 Disc Special Edition)

Barbie in A Christmas Carol


Dare Not Walk Alone

Return to Sleepaway Camp

Confessions of a Pit Fighter

The Tall T

Decision at Sundown

Buchanan Rides Alone

Ride Lonesome

Comanche Station


Futurama: Bender's Game

The Howdy Doody Collection 

Spin City: Season 1

TV Commercials: The Ultimate Collection



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