Thursday, November 6, 2008

OY-BOY! - Remake News

Is this some kind of November, April Fools prank?

The just in to the Rocket News Room in Los Angeles... 

According to Micheal Fleming at VARIETY... Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are in early discussions to collaborate on a remake of Chan Wook-Park's Oldboy

Not since Michael Bay’s Platinum Dune announced plans to remake Rosemary’s Baby has a remake announcement eked me out more.

What’s next... Robert Zemeckis remaking (the even better) Lady Vengeance with Natalie Portman?

In fairness, I admire both guys as being smart about their choices.

And assume Spielberg would do something interesting with the material. And he has grown a hell of a lot as a filmmaker since his unwatchable remake of A Guy Named Joe, the pathetically titled Always (and the first half of his War Of The Worlds remake was pretty good. However his Twilight Zone: The Movie remake of Kick The Can was closer to the icky sap of Always).

And Will Smith was terrific in his Omega Man remake I Am Legend and for the first hour of it was a very good movie (but oy-boy did it go down hill by the third act)

Now that I think about it, maybe these two box office titans could do something interesting with what actually is a flawed film (though it does have one of the greatest fight scenes in movie history).

Okay. Maybe I’m sold. I’m easy that way.

I’ll bet you ten bucks... in the next 10-15 years Will Smith will do a Cool Hand Luke remake. I see it. Watch, I got the shine...


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